Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Okay, so I’m not a big Valentines Day fan as much as I am a fan of love in general. But what’s the harm in wanting to show a little extra romance on this special day of the year right? Now if you are like me, then you are very spontaneous and sometimes wait for the very last minute to put something together. Most restaurants will be booked, theaters will be full, and all the traditional to do’s and places to go will be crowded. So here is my go to, sure to enjoy, last minute date night ideas that you will not only find interesting, you can use time and time again. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Ideas For Families

  1. Order food from your favorite take out spot and have a picnic in your living room.  Let the kids get involved by allowing them to set up the space while you plate the food. No electronics, just great conversations and good clean fun.
  2. Rent a family friendly movie which highlights togetherness and love

For Couples

  1. Instead of just sending the beautiful person in your life red roses, try giving them perhaps their favorite flower or plant. Yes red roses are nice, but so are lilies and a planted Orchid.
  2. Surprise your spouse/partner with a scavenger hunt beginning at the door by placing little notes to the next clue that ends wherever you want. Using chocolate kisses as arrows are cute too.
  3. Leave tails of rose petals leading to a candlelight dinner or bubble bath. Put on your favorite Kenny G album (or romantic music of your choice) to set the mood.
  4. Make a meal that symbolizes your love. Last year I made a heart shaped steak for the hubby. (He loves steak). Write I LOVE YOU with the veggies 😉
  5. Have a glass of wine and strawberries on your patio and watch the stars. Just enjoying each others company.
  6. If you happen to be separated across miles, send a little care package of all things red.
  7. Write a little note and insert it in your husbands work pocket or your wife’s purse telling them 10 reasons why you love them
  8. Create little coupons ,good for 1 free back rub, 2 kisses anywhere, a romantic getaway etc. Let your imagination run wild.

For Singles

  1. Have a game night indoors e.g. scrabble, pictionary, taboo you name it.
  2. Take it out doors to a sporting arena, bowling alley, mini golf, race car driving
  3. Watch a great movie, no tear jerkers, but more on the comedic side.
  4. Meet up at a café, bar, or club and dance the night away
  5. Have potluck, everyone bring a dish and have a great dinner with the friends you love.
  6. Have a great bottle of wine and run through your favorite Netflix series you have been meaning to watch (would be my option if I were single)

Have Fun!

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