????? Criticize ?????

Do you know what you are doing?

Is there an actual plan for your life?

Can you disclose to me where you see yourself?

Could you be a little more precise?

What exactly is your purpose?

How will you attain this goal?

Will you require some assistance?

Please let the truth be told.

Don’t mean to criticize you

But you always seemed so lost

Not sure if you’ll achieve your dreams

You may not be right for this course.

There are always people who question every decision you make, every path you take and your life’s choices. I always wonder sometimes if its their way of bringing you down or covertly trying to sabotage your dreams. Could it be that they truly just want what’s best for you or what’s best for them. My mother told me once, “sweetie, some people don’t mind you doing well, just not better than them. They will criticize everything just to keep you where you are”.

Not everyone will understand your journey because it was meant for you.Truth be told, they don’t have to. It is your destiny to follow.  You just have to take care not to allow negativity to set in and deter you from you dreams. Not everyone has a right to speak into your life or question your potential. You are the master of your destiny!

via Daily Prompt: Criticize


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