Simply, I’ve Moved On

Beneath infinite mass of stars

Into the silence of the night

Often feeling so forlorn

I find myself lost in my own emptiness

Solitary shadows of a forgotten love

His silhouette

Devour my thoughts relentlessly


Unfathomable reflection

Memoirs flicker akin to an aged film reel

Several scenes were apparent as day

While others impaired with faded time

Essential, is it not, that pleasant thoughts linger

Until now just the wounding reminiscences I evoke

Like a ghastly nightmare I thought I suffer enough of


Intended for you to suffer the anguish of my shattered core

I struggled to repress the love I long to reveal

Unmoving, you bare no thirst to have me

Solely utterances to which bear no substance

While devastating for my heart to abide

Refusal to dangle onto threads of desire

My demise, quite the contrary

I’ve moved on

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

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