” Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Whenever my soul is in need of healing, I spend a little time relishing in nature. Its helps to ease my mind, heal body and renew spirit. No electronics or any form of technology , just me and my thoughts. Sometimes you just have to distance yourself from the world to have clarity of mind. For me its an avenue to put my life into perspective when I feel a bit lost. Every now and then the hustle and bustle of life can wear you down. It becomes so heavy that you just have to disconnect from everyone and everything if only for a moment.

Nature is not for everyone, or so some may try to convince themselves of. They throw out phases like, “oh nature don’t agree with me” or they ask questions like “what is the point?” Well the point is that nature is cheaper than therapy. Let’s keep it real. People spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a year seeking someone to help them resolve issues in their lives. And for what? To be told, “dig deeper”, “lets explore that”, “tell me what you felt when so and so happen?” Wouldn’t you rather sit near a river, allow the cold breeze to caress you face and whisk your cares away?  Or taking deep breaths of the clean crisp air, then releasing the stress and tension back to the earth. Nature makes us better.

Life is too short to not enjoy the harmonious sounds of birds chirping, or to watch the leaves fall down delicately at your feet. See how the flowers bloom and the bees accept the sweet nectar they produce. Hear the whistle of the wind as the blow through the trees. Close your eyes, let go of all your worries, free your mind, forgive yourself and find peace.  Nature is the best medicine for the our entire being.

A bit of fresh air never hurt anybody!


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