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I can’t quite remember when it first started. But the feeling it gave when I experienced the delicacy that is. . . it was heavenly. So many options, shades, shapes and sizes; that I began to cultivate what I affectionately dub “my love affair”. I closed my eyes, inhaled its rich aroma as the smooth taste caressed my buds. Even today I still get that tingling sensation like a teenage girl being in love for the first time when I see my lover,  my forbidden fruit, my sweet and oh so smooth chocolate.

Yep, you heard it right. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Who would have thought such deliciousness spawn from fruit trees. Go figure!  Traditionally found in the jungles of Central, South American and the Caribbean’, now bred as far as East Asia and Africa, this rare and most prized beans found its way in the hearts of the Europeans by none other than the explorer himself Christopher Columbus. Columbus observed that the Natives held this nut in such esteem, not knowing its value to them ( it was actually used as local currency). But for whatever its worth, I wouldn’t trade my cacao for a piece of fish. . .or would I? Huh

True chocoholics know what I’m talking about. Just the thought of chocolate evokes an eruption of emotions. My love affair with chocolate has been like an addition I just can’t shake.  I crave it, yearn for it; I just gat to have it. Dark chocolate is my favorite.  I add it in everything. A few sprinkles in my morning cereal, dipping sauce for my veggies and fruits, seasoning for my T-Bone, you get the picture. Anything is good if its made with chocolate. Its been the highlight of my being all these years. I cheated on my diet with it, I hid it in between my books when I didn’t want to share it (This is not a good idea folks), and I even try to visit chocolate factories a few times a year.  I don’t know how to explain it.  I regularly get lost in the grocery store looking for the candy isles for that next fix. HELP ME PLEASE!! No but not really.

OK! Some people have a passion for caramel, or a liking to whipped cream. But nothing tops chocolate. Love makes the world go round, but chocolate makes the trip worthwhile.